Airdrops & Minting of NFTs

We can help your project to mint larger quantities of NFTs,
as well as do airdrops both in Simpleassets and Atomicassets.
If you would like to utilize our service, please contact us directly.
Depending on your request it may be free or for a fee.
We only work with projects we rate as serious.

What we do

In collaboration with you as a content collection owner we can help you airdrop NFTs to specific accounts or mint large quantities of NFTs.
First airdrop we did was for Anyobservation experience where unique NFTs was airdropped to all holders of Anders collections.
We can work with both Atomicassets and Simpleassets. We do not assist with spam.


We have built scripts that help us make sure everything is executed accordingly.

Closed source

Our scripts are not open source. This is because we do not want to clog WAX with spam NFTs.


- List of Accounts based on Collection, Template or Schema.
- Randomized list of assets.
- Randomized order of accounts.


The process between us and the contractor is fully transparent and you will verify each step before we proceed.

High value for holders

The purpose of an airdrop is to provide value for NFT holders.

Providing value

The airdrop process is a way to provide value to those that support you.


cryptomonKeys is a freely distributed, community-driven,
meme-rich digital trading card series based on NFT technology,
here to disrupt the meme economy.

Crypto Twerpz

Deranged Digital Trading Cards on the WAX Blockchain.


Youtube and podcast channel on Crypto, Health, Gaming and random stuff.

Get in touch

Our team is based in Sweden and has been building and maintaining projects and infrastructure in the EOSIO ecosystem since 2017.
Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.